We are back, with the lounge and store!

For those who visit us, we offer an experience of the authentic Algarve flavours.

Get to know the history of the Quinta da Tôr family that is original from Tôr Village, learn more about our production processes and taste our wines while enjoying the magnificent view of the mountains.
In a calm, familiar and sharing environment we aim that you bring home a little of our tradition. At our store you can choose the wines that you prefered so that you can appreciate it where and when you wish.

If you prefer you can come to our lounge and enjoy a glass of wine while enjoying the astonishing vineyard view.

We hope to see you soon!


BOOK HERE your wine tasting!

Opening Hours (Loja e Lounge): Wednesday – Sunday: 10h – 20h (October – May: 10h – 18h)

No booking required for small groups (less than 10 people), just come and we will welcome you!

What is your perfect wine tasting?

We offer several types of wine tasting, depending on what fits you! All of them include 4 tastings with bread and homemade olive oil.

Classic tasting 10€
Taste 4 of our classic wines.

Brave  tasting 12€
Taste 3 classic wines + 1 Brave wine
The Brave wine represent brand image. It is a best seller, and you probably never tasted something like this Brave wine.

Oak(y) tasting 15€
Taste 1 or 2* oak(y) wines + 1 Brave wine + 1 or 2 classic wines
Recommended for people that enjoy wood taste in the wines. These are our premium wines that staged in oak for 12 months

Golden Algibre tasting 17,5€
Taste 1 Algibre (2015) + 2 Oak(y)* + 1 classic
Even more wood, even more Premium. Taste the best wine of the house, Algibre. Be surprised!
*switch one Oak(y) for 1 Brave

Diamond tasting 30€
Your choice – Personalized
Choose any 4 wines. The only tasting in which you can include our Grand Reserves.
Our recommendation: White Reserve, Reserve Algibre, Grand Reserve Algibre, Grand reserve Algibre Syrah
(Limited to stock, only bottles of 0.75L)

You can also add our regional tapas (+6€). It includes premium products from the Algarve mountains: goat cheese, smoked ham, chorizo.


No booking required for small groups (less than 10 people), just come and we will welcome you!

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Tapas regionais 6€ | Regional snacks 6€ (obrigatório | required)
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